Use coupon code 'FREEPOS' to claim free shipping when you shop for Bawal Masyarabia/Bawal Alyssa/Instant Bawal Aysa . Use code 'FREEPOST' for Bawal Kayla/ Bawal Auni/Bawal Balqis. *Only valid for purchases above RM100 for selected combo products.
How To Order

Please follow the steps below to complete your order.

Step 1: Login / Register

If you have NOT created your account, click on “Register Here” link. Complete the information required and click on “Register” button. If you have registered previously with us, fill in email adress and password registered and click on the "Log In" button to login.

Step 2 : Add your desired item to Cart

Choose your desired item, pick the size and quantity of the item and click on “Add to cart” button.



Step 3: Checkout

Continue adding items into your cart using the same step as above (Step 2). Review all items added to cart and when you're done shopping click on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" to finalize your order.



Step 4: Enter Shipping Address


Fill in your shipping adress (for new customers) and tick the box saying "Save this infromation for next time". Hit "Continue to shipping method" if your Shipping Address is the same as your Billing Address.



Step 5: Choose Your Shipping Method

Choose your preferred shipping method. Either by postage or boutique pick-up. (Or any other options that pop-up). Then hit "Continue".



Step 6: Pick Your Payment Method

We highly encourage you to either choose Bank Transfer (ATM/CDM/non-direct online transfer) OR Billplz Payment FPX (direct payment via online banking) to avoid order cancellation. If you have any coupon code or vouchers to be redeemed, enter the code and click "Apply" for the code to take effect. You can always go back few steps to either edit your shipping address, pick another shipping method or payment method. If all details are confirmed, click on "Place Your Order"



Step 7: Your order is secured.


By now, your order has been succesfully placed and a unique Order ID will be given at this stage. That Order ID is to be used as a reference.  If you have previously picked "Bank Transfer" as your payment method, you need to upload the proof of payment (receipt) at the "Upload Receipt" button. Alternatively, you can always find the link to upload your receipt embed at the bottom of the site. Track the progress of your order via the "People" icon on the top right "Menu>My Orders"

We'll arrange the delivery of your item once we received your payment, soonest as we can. 

Thank you for choosing Masyarabia! ❤️